Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hairnet Wednesday!

On wednesday 25th we had our third set of workshops. This week Denise showed us how to Build Rapport while we're doing our work experience. She showed us how to act and greet our supervisors when we arrive on our first day of work. It really made me feel more confident and i couldn't wait to start work experience! WOOO! :)

Our next workshop involved make up...and even though I have no interest in make up it was actually pretty good. As you can guess from my title i got to wear a HAIRNET!! I know you're probably thinking what is so good about a hairnet, but I had great fun with it!!:D

Our final workshop was with our guidance councellors and by the way I was still wearing the hairnet so you can imagine the look on their faces when they saw... Anyway they were just going to go over a few things with us before we started work experience next week. They were explaining what we should do if there was any accidents or problems during our work experience. They were also telling us what the employer would be expecting from us, for example we should be enthusiastic! They were basically just getting us ready for it and answering any questions we had about it.
We cooool!!

We have hairnets on our heads!!

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