Friday, 6 September 2013

First Week Done and Dusted!

Coming up to the first week of Ty I was very excited and anxious to see what all the excitement and talk was about Ty. I was very curious to see what teachers I would have, if I would have any new ones. I was also wondering whether I would have all my friends in my class!
During the last few weeks of my summer holidays was full of preparing for Ty. I got my new uniform.. lets just say I felt very mature in that senior skirt! As the weeks went on I was finding out that I got all my work experience places. I felt very relieved because work experience is a big part in Ty!!
The first day of Ty I found out that I was in the same class as all my friends. I was chuffed! We got our journals,timetables and out class name. We are called Tereshkova, at first no one could pronounce our name! My class is called after the first women to go to space. The other class names are called Tabei and Cornaro.
We were given projects from day one and I am really looking forward to them! We do a lot of teamwork in Ty.
Overall the first week was really good and I am looking forward to the rest of the year!! :)

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