Friday, 13 September 2013


The day finally came when i got my results. I waited so long for these and i was excited to get them. But when it was finally time to get them I didn't want them anymore!! :P I was scared to open that BIG envelop!! It looked so scary. When I finally had the nerve to open my results I was really happy with them. I felt like I was amazingly smart..which I'm not by the way! To celebrate my results I went to McDonalds with my mam and my dad an after i went to Liffey Valley to see a movie! I told all my family and they were all very proud. I felt really proud of myself and I actually knew things! :)

I was talking to my friends and they were all really happy with their results too! Most of them went out to Mantra but that kinda stuff isn't my cup of tea!! Overall it was a really good day!!!!!

The next day we went to Castletown House with the whole year for a Ty trip. It was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. The tour guide decided to tell us that the Devil was in this house and because I am a chicken I was TERRIFIED!! There was a mirror that was cracked because The Priest tried to get the Devil away by throwing the Bible at him except it hit the mirror. When we were walking past I didn't look at it because I was scared I would see the Devil... yes I know you're probably thinking I'm weird but I was creeped out!! At the end of the tour we got a photo with all my year. I had a really good day!!

Ty year 2013.

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