Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Land Of The Leprechauns!!

On the 16th and 17th of September Ms L, Ms O'c and Mr K brought all of Ty to Carlingford for two days. I had to get up at 5:30 because we were leaving Esso at 7 in the morning!! :O I was really excited but sooo tired. I sat beside my friend Sarah and across from Rowen and Sara. We were really giddy on the bus and couldn't wait to arrive at Carlingford. When we arrived we went up to the common room and a guy called Ben welcomed us and told us what we'll be doing! Oh and might I just add that there was a few good looking instructors there too! ;)

Our first activity was called the 'Challenge Course' it was all about team building and team work. Ben was our instructor and he was really funny and really nice. We did this activity for about two hours and my team won which meant we got to eat first! It was a great prize to win. After lunch we went Laser Combating and that was class!! Mr K and Ms O'c were allowed to play with us. Ms O'c was on the opposite team to me and I was out to kill her!! It was really fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it greatly! I killed Ms O'c a few times but she got her revenge and killed me a few times!!

Laser combat.

Next we had dinner and two hours to just lounge around. We got our rooms and put our bags away. At 7 we went up to a forest and had a nightline walk, this is where you walk through the forest completely blindfolded! Before we did this they told us about how this place is known as The Land Of The Leprechauns it was really interesting to here about it. So we got our blindfolds on and Sarah lead us through the forest. By going first you get whacked by branches and fall over a lot but Sarah didn't mind. It was really fun and our instructor Ben kept scaring us and making us scream like mad, but don't worry we all charged after him and started hitting him as our revenge!!

The next day we were due to do water sports and body sorbing but unfortunately i was sick and spent the whole day pretty much sleeping. Everyone said that the body sorbing was class and that they really had fun! We got a bus back to Celbridge at 5 and arrived home at around 7. It was a really good two days and I realllly enjoyed it!! :)



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