Sunday, 6 October 2013

Off to The Pearse Museum!!

On Thursday 3rd of October all the irish classes were brought to the museum with our teachers. The bus collected us at 9:20 and we set off.

On the bus!!
We arrived at the museum at around 10:30. Our tour was called Alan but he told me his name was Alien!:P At the entrance of the museum there is a sculpture of Pearse himself and Sarah and Jennifer decided to give him a kiss...

Kisses all round!!
After the tour around the museum we had some lunch and I bought a MASSIVE cookie yuuuum.. I sat on a bench in the courtyard with my friends and we were just relaxing for a while.


So after we had eaten we went on a nature walk around the grounds and our tour guide was telling us about the trees and other things in the grounds! It was really interesting and fun :)

Sarah and I at the water fountain!

 We like to take a lot of photos!!!

Sarah Jennifer and I!!:)

When we were on our way to the next activity we decided to take a picture of ourselves throwing up leaves because we like to act like children!!:P

Having fun with leaves!!

Our final activity in the museum was watching a 20 minute clip and everything about Pearse. It was really interesting and you got to see a lot of photos of what it was like in the Easter Rising!! After that I had to leave, I really enjoyed another trip out with Ty!!:D

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