Monday, 14 October 2013

I will ALWAYS ALWAYS wear my seatbelt!!!!!

On Tuesday 8th of October we had a workshop to do with Road Safety with a guy called Paul and by god was I scared. We were shown videos of what happens if you text and drive or drink and drive. We saw the outcomes and I was really terrified of what happens. It made me very more cautious and aware of what could happen. Even though I was quite scared I felt it was really worth watching it!! Paul was telling us that most accidents occur due to people being late for something. At the end we got to take a theory test and it was very interesting to see the layout of it. There is 40 questions and you have to get 35 to pass. Sadly I only got 33 so I won't be going anywhere yet!!

When I was on my way home in the car I made sure everybody had their seatbelts on and made sure my mam didn't use her phone while driving!! Overall I thought it was a really good, but terrifying day!!

Oh and one more thing.. at the very end there was a saying and it really stuck in my mind, it is 'It is better to arrive late, than DEAD on time'

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