Thursday, 14 November 2013

Science and Liffey Valley, how great!!

Last Monday our science teachers organised a day out in The Institute of Technology for Ty. We left at 10:40 and got a bus to Tallaght.

When we arrived I was really surprised to see my cousin there, as I did not know he went there. Anyways after I met my cousin we were brought into a biochemistry lab and it was really cool.

Then we were brought to a room where we met a lecturer and he was going to tell us about exrtaordinary science and show us some experiments. He chose some  people to go and demonstrate the experiments with him. A lot of the experiments were really cool and I really enjoyed my time there!!

So after we visited the Institute our teachers brought us to Liffey Valley for lunch. What a treat!! I went to McDonald's of course and after we went and looked around some shops!!

Sarah and her happy meal!

 All in all it was a great day out!!:)


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