Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ghouls and Ghosts wondering about!

On the 25th of october our school had an annual event where each year is given a theme to dress up in.

First year: witches
Second year: zombies
Third year: vampires
Ty: villains
Fifth year: circus
Sixth year: Harry Potter 

The best costumes from each class gets put into the parade and the best class wins a prize.
A lot of the costumes were really good and some were quite scary to be honest. Sarah from my class was put into the parade. She was The Joker and she looked really great! But unfortunately she didn't win1:(

 A lot of effort went into the costumes which makes the day really fun and festive. Also some teachers dressed up which was very funny. I really enjoy this time of year, it is always a good nuild up towards Halloween!!:)

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