Sunday, 15 December 2013

RSA and TangoBot!

Another trip took us to Punchestown for a road safety show. There was loads of other schools there with us and it was packed!
There was police cars, guards, NYPD, ambulances and much more.
for the first hour or so we just went around looking at different stalls and also getting free stuff!:P Around half way through our wander we saw TangoBot. This was a robot made by NASA! T o be honest he was quite scary and liked to follow people around the place!



We also saw Johnny Doyle and he had a stall set up too!

At 11:30 we got a talk on how you should be careful on roads. There was also videos and photos to show what could happen if you're not careful! It wasn't to scare you it was for our own good!
 I think if people are just a bit more careful on the roads there doesn't have to be as much accidents on the roads!
All in all great day out!:)

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